Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Access?

Remote Access is a means by which you can connect to your office from afar. Several types of remote access are available. One mechanism works over the Internet. We can set up a secure web site for you, using industry standard SSL connections. You go to and sign in with a secure password. Then you gain access to your email, your office documents,and your office Intranet. You can even run your office business applications or take over operations of your office computer. There are also other, more limited mechanisms for remote access.

Do you assist with purchases?

Absolutely! In fact, for your big purchases we prefer to play an advisory/consultative role. We will specify the precise computer, file server and network configurations that will work best for you. Then we will help you make the purchase from one of the major suppliers such as Dell or Hewlett Packard. That way you can take advantage of the warranties and service contracts that the major companies offer. We don’t get a commission from these suppliers, so we have no vested interest in pushing onto you something you might not need. Furthermore, we can usually get a discount for you that more than covers our consultation fee. Of course, we can also sell hard-to-obtain accessories.

What Experience do your technicians have?

All of our technicians have several years experience. Our top people are Microsoft certified and have more than a decade of experience. Our experience is not only technical. Our people have real-world common sense and can advise you in making the wisest decisions.

Do you offer service contracts?

We do. We can tailor these contracts to meet your precise needs. Most of our service contracts require a commitment on your part to a minimum number of support hours per quarter. In return, we offer a reduced rate and priority support. If you prefer, we will work on a standard hourly fee-for-service basis.

How fast do you respond to a call for help?

We can usually respond to emergencies on the same day, often within an hour or two. Nowadays we can resolve most problems by connecting remotely over the Internet to your computer or file server. This is the fastest and most cost effective solution in most cases. We will, of course make an on-site visit, if necessary.